Goals for the Week
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74 days until Coachella, 125 days until the Rock ‘N Roll Marathon

In my most previous post, I detailed how I felt it was unsustainable to try and get 8 hours of programming exercises and learning done. So this week I’m dialing it back and going for 6 hours a day at least 5 days this week. Based on how I’ve felt, it’s going to be like this:

Do programming related activities 6 hours per day, must be done by 4:00pm or I’m short for the day
Parkinson’s Law and Abraham Lincoln are the reason for the 4pm deadline. If you don’t put cap on your work, it ends up bleeding into other parts of your life and that sucks.

In the end, I’m doing a minimum of 30 hours for the week and 35+ if I can gather the steam to hunker down on Super Bowl Sunday. I’m currently on the Django Polls tutorial lesson 3. My goal is to finish up with my first go-around of Getting Started With Django by the end of next week.

Thursday Night is chill out night, Friday is errands day
I work in the service industry closing on weekends so I don’t get to go out when people traditionally go out. That said, I value a hard earned night with friends and alcohol to boot. I need a designated errand day for the week (paying bills, getting groceries, doing laundry, etc.,.) and since I’m still going full gun on the weekends, that day is Friday.

When I’m not working, I’m either reading a book or writing
I told myself when I was at my startup company that I’d start writing again when we got funded and I had some stability. That never happened. That said, my passion in life is words. I’ve got a lot of books to read and shitty stories to write.

Resume marathon training
I’ll be upping my mileage up and making my way toward a weekly long-run of 10-20 miles in preparation for June 1.

I’ll report back next week. In the meantime, follow me on Tumblr.


Lessons in Productivity I
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77 days ’til Coachella, 128 days ’til the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon

There are still a couple of days left in the week, but I think it’s fruitful for me to lay out my week’s biggest lesson as I go forward.

What you can do in a day is not what you can do daily

Based on my goal of 8 hours of quality programming activities a day, this has been my optimal schedule.


Up, TV, pushups
Finish 1st session
Cook breakfast
Finish 2nd session, break
Finish day

I was able to do something resembling this only three times in the last two weeks – once this week, twice last week.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if I try it again next week I’ll probably fall short again. That’s not good.

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80 Days to Coachella
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WEEK 1: Finishing Udacity

WEEK 2: Starting Getting Started with Django


WEEK 1: 154

WEEK 2: 153.2


WEEK 1: 30 miles

WEEK 2: 37 miles

It’s Not About Establishing a Habit. It’s About Falling in Love.
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I think the funny thing about many self-improvement books is that most of them have pretty much the exact same content just presented for different audiences. The key differentiator is the kind of person who is searching for the book because the author’s background has a lot of sway in whether or not you find their advice credible. If it’s sales you want to succeed in, maybe you’ll read some Zig Ziglar or Jeffrey Gitomer because they’re sales legends. If you’re an aspiring tech entrepreneur, maybe you’ll find yourself reading Seth Godin (one of my favorites) or if you just want to know the psychology of it all, maybe you’ll find yourself reading The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal.

Exercising, eating right, becoming disciplined, staying positive, etc.,. I’m not trying to paint these books as being a bunch of baloney (I don’t think so at all) but if becoming successful were as easy as reading a book and following a few guidelines, we’d all read The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, win life, and be swimming in riches and bitches.

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How a Night Owl Became a Morning Person
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I got up to a 5:00am alarm today. My Dad was on his way out the door pouring coffee into his thermos and asked me why I was getting up (I sleep in the living room).

“I’m going to go on a run when the lake gates opens at 5:30,” I said.

I drank a small cup of coffee, binge ate some cereal as I shook my head at Ryan Braun’s admission on ESPN, and went on a lovely 5-mile run around the lake near my home while listening to indie remixes on UberHype. I was dressed and ready to go before 7:00am and I started writing my notes for this blog entry a shade before 8:00am at my favorite coffee shop.

This is pretty much a typical weekday morning for me now, but it wasn’t always like that.

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